#155 – Silent Dome

#155 – Silent Dome

As part of the Kieler Woche 2015, a “Silent Disco” took place for the first time in a ZENDOME.150M. The impressive geodesic dome was set up in Kiel’s castle garden not far from the fjord and not only offered impressive views of the cruise ships and Scandinavian ferries anchored in the Baltic Sea, but was also an extremely effective eye-catcher itself.

The concept of a Silent Disco enables communal dancing without noise pollution for the environment. The principle is simple: visitors put on headphones and can then choose between two different DJ sets and set the volume that is most comfortable for them. The two DJs work in parallel the whole time and offer two different styles. The audience liked the concept so much that many of them sang along to the more popular songs at the top of their lungs – so even the Silent Dome was not completely silent.

The ZENDOME.150M proved to be the perfect base for a Silent Disco. Due to its eye-catching appearance it attracted a large audience and its modern appearance perfectly matched the mobile club concept of the playmakers. Consideration for the environment, the smallest possible ecological footprint with maximum fun and real sustainability – all aspects that made the decision of the Silent Disco operators for a ZENDOME easy. Especially in the evening, when the ZENDOME virtually glowed from within due to the light show, the Silent Disco attracted a lot of curious visitors from the Baltic Sea shore up to the Schlossgarten day after day and was thus a real musical and visual enrichment of the Kieler Woche – even for non-dancers.

Photo credit: Guido Bellmann

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