#153 – World Press Photo

#153 – World Press Photo

Photos that shake things up, pictures that show us the world as it really is. Often unsparing, sometimes shocking, always inspiring – for more than half a century, World Press photo competitions have been causing a real stir. And where would an exhibition of the best work be more ideally placed than in Bucharest, the city that has itself lived through so many dramatic moments? And what could be more attention-grabbing and media-effective than to stage this important exhibition in a whole landscape of connected individual domes, right in the heart of this unique metropolis?

From May 8 to 29, 2015, World Press showed the best photojournalistic works in no less than five interconnected structures of ZENVISION: From the entrance area in the ZENCUBE 5 x 5, the visitors went to the ZENDOME.150M and from there through a tunnel consisting of two ZENCUBE 5 x 5 placed one behind the other, finally to the ZENDOME.300M. This expansive temporary architecture in the middle of the central university square made it clear at first glance that something truly extraordinary was taking place here and aroused the interest of invited guests and casual passers-by. The airy atmosphere and the discreet white of each ZENDOME took the visitors inside into a focused world of their own without imposing themselves. This left enough attention for the first-class photographic works that showed how visual storytelling is currently evolving. The end result was a total work of art that aroused curiosity from the large to the small, offered an inventory of our world, and also set a clear architectural example.

Photo credit: Eidos Foundation

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