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#it’s not only about building a tent


Service right from the beginning comes natural to us and starts with your planning phase: we use new software and can support your planning with the newest technology in order to make your projects uncomplicated. We also provide concept studies, 3d renderings and planning aides as well as individual special solutions. On location, we support the uncomplicated construction and deconstruction of the ZENDOME, provide replacement parts, special tools and many other ZENDOME.extras. Perfect financing alternatives and partner support will make the management of your event easier. We always have an open ear and will readily take in your ideas and requests.


By offering the possibility of a lease you have a real financing alternative to buying your ZENDOME. Use the possibility of renting or leasing your individual ZENDOME in order to fit it perfectly into your budget.Tailor made solutions for your needs are offered by our partners Prignitzer Leasing AG and mb-leasing.

Project Development

15 years of experience in accompanying very different construction tasks has shown us that the success of a project is decided in the first planning phases. As trained architects, we can define the requirements for the project and also optimize the Project regarding structural, technical requirements and also regarding the challenges regarding the challenges of the building law.

Planing & Building Permits

As with any construction project, the following also applies to any temporary construction: Only with good and extensive planning can you run through all possible scenarios in advance and avoid problems later on at an early stage. Equipped with several CAD workstations in 2D and 3D, we can look back on a wealth of experience in these tasks. This goes through all service phases from the draft planning, through the approval planning to the contact with the civil engineers, the TUV and the approving authorities.


The first impression is the one that counts. And there is nothing like an impressive picture of your planned project. We offer 3D data for each of our products in order to make the path as easy as possible for you. If you do not have the possibilities of 3D visualization, we will do it for you. From 3D rendering to VR walks, we have the tools for it.

Special Constructions / Statics

There is always the Moment when the standard is no longer sufficient for your project. In 15 years of experience we have found that the creativity of our customers is limitless. At this point you don’t need someone to say, “This is impossible”, but someone who will go all the Way with you. We have set ourselves the goal of making every project a success. Sometimes this also means being honest and mark of the limits, but it also means exploring new frontiers and setting new standards. Exactly we!

Research & Development

We never want to stop. Due to their simple construction and the clear approval process, temporary structures are very suitable as demonstration objects for new technologies. We have one goal – a building should be built like nature would build it. Made of skin and bones. We are therefore working in various joint projects at universities and research institutions and with many competent partners from the industry to make this goal a reality.

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