We are Zenworkshop.
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The Idea.

10 years of product development in the metal and event industry has taught us that it can not be done without prototyping and test setups. Developing a product in metal construction depends heavily on good employees and partners in the execution. That’s why we started buying our own machines and tools for prototype construction early on. From the 3d printer to the CNC milling machine, from the welding machine to the profile bending machine we have high-quality tools for the most diverse tasks in metal construction available. This is the only way we can achieve fast and effective product development. We would like to share the knowledge and possibilities in metal construction. Not CoWorking in the true sense, but CoManufacturing, CoPrototyping, CoFailure and CoSucces. Rockets, automobiles or rocket mobiles? We think that working together for everyone can be a positive honor – every idea is only as good as your implementation. Be Part of it.


Next Workshop /May 31

Welding for Dummys – MIG/MAG for Beginners

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