#156 – Jugend forscht

#156 – Jugend forscht

There was a double anniversary to celebrate in Ludwigshafen in 2015: On the one hand, BASF celebrated its 150th anniversary, and on the other, the German national “Jugend forscht” competition was held for the fiftieth time. As a sponsor company, the chemical company hosted the anniversary finals of the well-known competition for young researchers together with the Jugend forscht e. V. foundation from May 26 to 30, 2015. This is the third time BASF has collaborated with the foundation: the German company already hosted the finals in 1971 and 2003. However, the chemical giant has been a partner to the researching youth for longer; after all, BASF has been the host of the state competitions in Rheinland-Pfalz since the events began in 1965.

The exciting national competition brings together all the young researchers who have won one of the first prizes at one of the state competitions. So in the seven different categories the best of the best compete for the crown of the young researchers. A ZENDOME.300M provided an ideal setting next to the Feierabendhaus of BASF. With its clear, friendly and at the same time futuristic appearance, the ZENDOME reflected exactly the spirit of the entire event: looking optimistically into tomorrow, developing new ideas and activating fresh potentials.

The temporary architecture was used in a variety of ways during the final round and equipped accordingly. In addition to lectures and discussion rounds, the geodesic dome offered a lounge with foosball, billiards and a game console for the talented young people to relax. Kinetic movement games ensured that not only the mind was addressed, and live streams and briefings provided timely information opportunities for all participants. The so-called “Fish Bowl” with the CEOs of the foundation and the company was particularly uplifting and stimulating. The group discussion under the roof of the ZENDOME offered insights into business life and the mindsets of modern decision makers. The circular arrangement of the participants in the likewise round dome made one thing clear visually alone: ideas have to be exchanged, have to circulate so that they spread and are finally filled with life.

Photo credit: BASF

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