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The ZENDOME.500M is another highlight in the usual ZENDOME quality. The geodesic dome unfolds its effect through design and style and is equipped in best ZENDOME quality including the patented Advanced Frame System, color code, powder coated poles, plug-ins and scaffolding feet. 500 exclusive square meters for all those who want to give their conference, live concert or festivity the really big frame.

Technical Data
Diameters: 25 m
Height: 12,70 m
Exhibition Space: 491 m²
Membrane Surface: 980 m²
Volume: 4,090 m³
Circular entry: 1, optional 5

Load Parameters
Structure: 2,690 kg
Structure Feet: 240 kg
Membrane: 1,000 kg
Circular Doorway: 70 kg
Door: 97 kg
Complete: 4,097 kg

Photo credit:
Triad Projektgesellschaft mbH, ZENVISION

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