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Small size for big Ideas

The ZENDOME.30M from ZENVISION – built as nature would build it with the smallest possible use of material. Create a space that is incomparable in terms of atmosphere and experience. Minimal structure unaffected by external influences. Stable in storms, rain, hail, sun and cold. Two decades of experience in the professional event market sum up in this product. Designed architecture, well thought-out details, elegant solutions, quality materials and the most modern production methods. MADE IN BERLIN.

Technical Data
Diameters: 6,29 m
Height: 3,85 m
Exhibition Space: 30 m²
Membrane Surface: 66 m²
Volume: 70 m³
Circular entry: 1, optional 3

Load Parameters
Structure: 270 kg
Structure Feet: 36 kg
Membrane: 50 kg
Circular Doorway: 23 kg
Door: 77 kg
Complete: 456 kg

Photo credit:
Nina Straßgütl, BUGA

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