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An unforgettable experience

With a floor area of almost 2,000 m², one of the largest mobile geodesic domes in the world. 50 m in diameter and equipped with a 2,500 m² large screen, the 350th anniversary celebration of Merck became an unforgettable experience. imagination. This gigantic geodesic dome with a floor space of almost 1,000 square meters creates completely new dimensions for the planning and realization of spectacular events. Worldwide unique and in the usual ZENDOME.quality, down to the last detail Made in Germany. We create space for your creativity – set standards!


Technical Data
Diameters: 50 m
Height: 21,08 m
Exhibition Space: 1,963.5 m²
Membrane Surface: 3,900 m²
Volume: 32,725 m³
Entrys: 5, optional 10

Load Parameters
Structure: 32,638 kg
Structure Feet: 846 kg
Membrane: 3,720 kg
Door bock, Door and
Housing: 10 x 350 kg

Photo credit:
Eva Speith / Wolfram Scheible
Merck KGaA, Darmstadt 

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