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The classic one

The ZENDOME.75M it the classic one – with almost 75 m² floor space is suitable for spacious exhibitions, product presentations, catering and other events. Due to the additional payloads that the construction can take up at its junctions, technology can be easily installed. No disturbing trusses or supports obstruct the view into the interior of a ZENDOME dome. Cables can be run parallel to the scaffolding poles almost invisibly. 

Technical Data
Diameters: 9,84 m
Height: 6.80 m
Exhibition Space: 74,80 m²
Membrane Surface: 209 m²
Volume: 250 m³
Circular entry: 1, optional

Load Parameters
Structure: 604 kg
Structure Feet: 48 kg
Membrane: 157 kg
Circular Doorway: 27 kg
Door: 80 kg
Complete: 916 kg

Photo credit:
Spielmacher Event, IGS (Meggs)

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